Travelin’ Light | Beer Review

Kolsch – Left Hand Brewing Company 

When the weather warms up the beers get lighter. Inspired by my upcoming trip to the mountains I decided to do this latest beer review on something light and sessionable. Of course, the fact that it’s a travelin’ beer may have also played a part. I believe that drinking beer that fits your mood will make the beer that much better.

Tagline: Golden Crisp, Dry and Refreshing with Herbal Hops

Visual: Vibrant golden yellow and clear enough to see the person across from you through it.

Aroma: Smells of hops mixed with a very minimal fruit scent but not sure the exact fruit. There is also a hint of something not biter but almost acidic (similar to wine), this isn’t negative but expected of the style.

Taste: A very mellow flavor, pleasant as it moves across your tongue. Immensely refreshing and the bitterness of the hops doesn’t hit until the end but even then it doesn’t hit in full force. The second sip brings out some of the malt flavor and demonstrates more of the crisp finish. A traditional beer with a bit of modern flare.

ABV: 4.8%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 out of 10 spades 


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