Rocky Mountain Showdown – Battle of the Beers

CU vs. CSU The showdown isn't just happening on the football field this Friday. Beer Bragging Rights are on the line. Three beers from Boulder breweries have been selected by CU alum Alysia Three Beers from Fort Collins breweries have been selected by CSU alum Meg It will be up to you, our beer friends,... Continue Reading →

American Homebrewers Association Rally – Recap

AHA (American Homebrewers Association) Some things have to be seen in person to truly understand them. My first AHA rally at my local brewery, Dry Dock, this past weekend was one of those things. I am not sure I can put into words what I expected but the reality was even better. The beer vibe... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday – Dog Beer Reviews

Today's Special Contributors: Sasha: Akita- Malinois Jackson: Rat Terrier - Pug Coco - Boston Terrier - Pug Sunday Funday shouldn't just be about people enjoying good beers, man's best friend deserves their chance. There are non-alcoholic beers created especially for dogs, so naturally my dogs gave it their review. Porky Pug Porter - Visual: Golden... Continue Reading →

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