Frightened Baby Chipmunk – Beer Review

Wildly Tart Farmhouse Saison Blended with D’Anjou Pears

Call To Arms is a brewery on the ever growing Tennyson street in the Berkeley neighborhood on the north west boundary of Denver. The brewery is traditional yet fun and the beers are much the same, rooted in tradition but not afraid of taking risk. I have been going there since they opened and have enjoyed many of their beers such as Freedom Fries Saison, Gluten Powerful, and the infamous Oats and Hose Porter.

This is their second bottle offering, I missed the first, and almost missed this one when a friend stepped in and saved the day. Only 100 bottles were released and I got two, because it was the limit… otherwise I couldn’t be held accountable for my actions.

Let’s just be honest – who can resist a frightened baby chipmunk?

Visual: Hazy yellow, minimal head

Aroma: The first scent to hit you is Chardonnay (typical of aging in a wine barrel) followed by notes of spice and a hint of pear.

Taste: Your tongue is immediately hit with a tarty fizz to welcome you to the drink. It is followed by a crisp, pear enhanced flavor. The beer finishes dry as you would expect from a typical saison, except this one is pumped up from the barrels and pears. This combination enhances what most find best about drinking a saison.

ABV: 7.8%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 out of 1o spades


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