Thirsty Tuesday | Beer Review | Fog Lamp

Hazy IPA – Mash Lab Brewing

It’s easy, so incredibly easy to lock in on certain beers and breweries. Maybe it’s convenience or maybe it’s just being lazy – but let’s be honest it means you are missing out. What’s worse than FOMO? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I am the first to admit when it comes to Hazy IPAs in Colorado gimme all the Outer Range, WeldWerks and Cerebral.

The laser vision impairs you. It means you are missing out on what else is going on. Sure there are some terrible Hazy IPAs being put out there and no I am not going to name them now or ever but there are other breweries releasing juicy IPA goodness to the masses.

I was lucky enough that someone brought Fog Lamp to me – I am going to admit it, not sure if I have ever been to Windsor, Colorado but guess what? It’s on the agenda for this summer, I need to sip on a few other things that Mash Lab Brewing is putting out there.

Visual: Vibrant, hazy yellow to gold and pours with a solid head.

Aroma: Hop forward. It’s citrus, tropical with hints of something similar to grapefruit. It’s alluring and inviting – it can be both.

Taste: Oh heeeeeeey. The mouthfeel is creamy. Solid carbonation with a slight hint of bitter. It’s juicy (with those hops showing out) but not overt about it. It’s crushable with a solid malt profile. This is a great gateway Hazy IPA – so if your friend hasn’t tried one before, allow this beer to introduce them to the style.

ABV: 6.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 out of 10 spades


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