The Brewery Focus For GABF 2017

It’s that time of year again – time to make your list for GABF. Last year we attended two sessions and because somehow that wasn’t enough this year we have plans to attend all three days (only missing the Saturday evening session). We are all about making plans – sure you can have fun at GABF without a plan – but if you are a beer geek on a mission you will map it out.

Unlike last year we aren’t necessarily looking to avoid Colorado – this is because the breweries in our wonderful state have made it nearly impossible to miss out of what they will have flowing. I am looking at you Black Project, WeldWerks and New Belgium – all of which are going to be pouring beers – Covert, Medianoche and Oscar (Blackberry Whiskey Barrel) that will be nearly impossible to get in real life with such limited releases to the public.

Those are my top Colorado breweries for visits but in addition, I have thrown together a list of the breweries that have me hopping on their hype train and getting in line starting Thursday. These breweries are in no particular order and yes I may visit them more than once – after all GABF only comes once a year.

Great Notion Brewing Company

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Scratch Brewing Company 

Half Acre Brewing Company

The Rare Barrel

Founders Brewing Company

Fremont Brewing Company 

Cellarmaker Brewing Company

Speciation Artisan Ales 

Kane Brewing

Bottle Logic 

As the final and official beer list makes the round I am sure I will update my route for beers that sound particularly interesting. I just might have to stop by Loveland Aleworks purely because the description for the Tequila barrel-aged beer says “tastes like college” – can it be true?

Make sure to be following us on our Instagram Hard12Brews as we will be going live and updating photos and stories through the week – so if you can make it, you can come with us.


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