Purpose: The Exploration of Colorado Beer

Hard 12 Brews is a blog dedicated to the exploration of the craft beer scene in the state of Colorado. The purpose of this blog is to take a deeper look at the breweries, the beers and the process of brewing in order to provide that knowledge to our readers.

There are so many great places to see and drink beer in Colorado but what defines them? What makes them better than anywhere else? Why should you spend your weekend driving across town to try a particular beer? Our goal is to answer those questions and provide insight.

There will also be a lighter side to beer and not just wheat beers including many gems and stories found along the way.

What makes this blog unique?

The author is not only a beer aficionado working to become an expert but also a writer. This means there will be more than just basic reviews and knowledge but a story being told.

Lastly the author, me, is a Colorado native, something that is not often seen anymore and I think that gives me the perfect edge.

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