GABF Bottle and Can Release Schedule | What You Need To Know

Everything about Great American Beer Festival (GABF) week is bigger and better – which includes not the number of special bottle and can releases scheduled. If you are like us you have easily over 40 events popping up on your Facebook event calendar so we thought it would be easier to put these together in one single place. This list may not be all inclusive with everything that keeps coming up but it should give you what you need to plan out the rest of your week.

Wednesday October 4

Amalgam GABF Bottle Release at Small Batch Liquor – Sour

WeldWerks Can Release at WeldWerks Brewing Company – Hazy IPAs

Neature Walk Can Release at Wiley Roots Brewing Company – IPA

The Coriolis Effect Can Release at New Image Brewing – IPA

Serenata Notturna Variants Bottle Release at Crooked Stave – Sour

Mexican Chocolate Stout Variations at Copper Kettle Brewing Company – Stout

Single Cask J. Marie: Port-Finished Bourbon Release at River North – Saison

Open Invitation Release (with Almanac) Crowler Release at Cerebral – IPA

Thursday October 5

Double Dry Hopped East Coast Can Release at New Image Brewing – IPA

Mama’s Bear Sour Cherry Pie Bottle Release at Crooked Stave – Sour

Barrel Aged Golden Sour Ale with Muscat Grapes Bottle Release at Mockery –Sour

Cheat Code, DDH Rare Trait and Lightways Can Release at Cerebral – Hazy IPAs

Barrel Aged Concussion Protocol Bottle Release – Quad

Decennial Series Cellar Bottle Release at River North – Quad, Stout and Ale

Friday October 6

Avery Cellar Sale at Avery Brewing – Everything You Could Ever Want

Palisade Peach Dyad Can Release at New Image Brewing – Kombucha Blended Sour

Trophy Hunt Bottle Release at Cerebral – Stout

Saturday October 7

Coconut Snowed In Bottle Release at Copper Kettle Brewing – Stout

Tonal Language Bottle Release at Cerebral – Saison

Happy Beer Hunting!


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