GABF Preparation | The Final Countdown

We are just hours away from the official start of the Great American Beer Festival – although it’s fair to say the party got started in Denver and the surrounding areas. However, it’s time to check our final checklist before heading downtown.

Below is our official checklist to maximize any and every session of GABF

  1. Eat – remember meat and cheat help slow down the booze.
  2. Make the Pretzel Necklace – not just to absorb alcohol but cleanse the palate.
  3. Map Your Beers – the are 3800 so make sure you have at least your top 20 locked in.
  4. Get the App – this makes item 3 easier.
  5. Drink Water – water stations are everywhere for a reason – I don’t want to find you passed out in the corner.
  6. Don’t drink every beer you get – you won’t like everything, save room what you do.
  7. Plan the exit – Uber is giving discounts for using GABF code – be smart.

Like I have all week I will be the rocking the Spade hat – Come Say Hello!

Let’s clink glasses and maybe, just maybe get down at the Silent Disco.



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