Pale Ale 5 Gallon Homebrew | Update

Pale Ale Homebrew The Breakdown For those of you who aren't following us on Instagram (it's Hard12Brews - so if you're not going ahead and make that change), we want to let you know that the latest brew happened this past Sunday. This is the first major attempt at brewing a 5-gallon beer in the... Continue Reading →

May – The Pilsner | Beer Style Exploration

What is a Pilsner? A pilsner is a pale lager. It's called a pilsner because it originated in the town of Pilsen in Germany. The pilsner is also often called a blonde style beer. Like all lagers it is brewed with a particular type of yeast that is known as a bottom fermenter and is... Continue Reading →

Peach Climacteric | Bottle Release & Review

Peach Climacteric - Weldwerks Brewing Company Barrel Aged Sour The Event On April 8, 2017 Weldwerks Brewing Company released their first sour just weeks after celebrating their 2nd anniversary. In those two years Weldwerks has built a reputation with their Hazy IPA, Juicy Bits, and multiple barrel aged beers such as their barrel aged Mexican... Continue Reading →

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