Fiction Beer Company | Brewery Review

Location: Denver, Colorado

The Scene: You often hear that every beer has a story. At Fiction Beer Company they took that to the next level. Each beer is brewed with a specific book and author as inspiration. It is the meeting of the minds, beer geeks and literature geeks have a place to call their own. It feels a bit like a library if your friend had one and you could get a little rowdy. Even if you aren’t a literature geek, there is plenty to enjoy inside or outside on the huge patio. Right off of Colfax you get a taste of Denver without being right in the middle of everything.

The Beer List: The classics have something for everyone. Whether you want your beer hoppy, with honey or a unique twist on a pale ale you can’t go wrong. The list is constantly rotating but isn’t overwhelming as you approach the bar. Newer additions such Do Not Touch The Flamingos, an apricot saison, added fun in name and taste.

The Best: The beer that blew me away was the Lupulin ‘Ohana a juicy pineapple IPA. It burst with fruity goodness without taking flavor power away from the pineapple. Thankfully I could take home a crowler.

What am I going back for? The patio and whatever beer the release next. I have enjoyed each of those last few releases from Logic is Relative to Lupulin ‘Ohana and even their new sour from the Antiquarian Series but I haven’t been able to spend any time on the patio with them. My next trip will be when patio season is full swing and I can bring along my dog.

Overall Brewery Rating:     8.5 spades out of 10  


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