Amber Ale Homebrew | Beer Review

Amber Ale – Homebrewed

Expectations were not high but we were optimistic for the first five gallon homebrew. There were a lot of unknowns when it came to temperature control for the boil, cooling down the wort and bottling that much beer. In the end it was the best beer when it came to carbonation, which is a win since that has been an issue each of the last few brews. The complete result was not exactly what we were looking for but it is a good starting place. Below is a full breakdown and beer review.

Visual: The beer pours well and has a nice head. It is dark brown with hints of copper and moderately hazy.

Aroma: The smell is semi-sweet with hints of caramel. There is more of a hop scent than their should be which throws off the overall aroma. It’s not an off-putting smell but it doesn’t come together fully.

Taste: The initial sip is a bit bland, it’s not unappealing but there isn’t one particular taste that draws you into the next sip. The following sips have a chewy, caramel based flavor but not quite the full malt profile and the hops show themselves a bit more than they should. It isn’t a bad beer, it’s quite drinkable but it does leave something to be desired. I am excited to see what we can build from this first experience.

ABV: 4.2% (minimum should be 4.75 – not enough sugars)

Overall Beer Rating:     5.5 spades out of 10  


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