East vs. West | IPA Style Debate

East Coast vs. West Coast

When it comes to the world of IPAs there are two very distinct groups. First there are those that are traditionalist and support the West coast IPA style. Then there are those who believe in brewing exploration and are  always on the hunt for the ever-expanding East coast (Hazy) or New England Style IPA. You will find people that will linger in the middle, showing love to all sides of the IPA battle as well, but I would bet they have their secret allegiance.

There is no right or wrong answer to what defines an IPA. As we have seen, particularly in recent history, the definition of a beer and brewing style is constantly growing. Are Hazy IPAs a passing trend? All signs point to no. Will they get their very own category from the Brewer’s association? To be determined but in the end it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen.

We talked about traditional IPAs when we started the month, their flavor profile can be found here.

Flavor Profile of the Hazy IPA

Visual: Full of haze, orange and almost juice-like in it’s appearance. If you are not familiar, having one placed in front of you will raise questions.

Aroma: The nose tends to be fruity and tropical in nature due to the hop varieties used and the dry hopping process. The scent in minimally bitter.

Taste: The first sip is fruit forward. Common flavors are citrus, mango, tangerine etc. There is no dry, bitter or dank finish like traditional West coast IPAs. The mouthfeel is silky smooth due to the oats used and the hopping techniques.

ABV: Like most IPAs these tend to be in the 7-8% range. There are a few more sessionable versions available but for the most part expect at least 7%

Beer Recommendations for New England Style (Hazy) IPAs:

WeldWerks Brewing Company

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company 

Odd13 Brewing 

Cerebral Brewing

Fiction Beer Company

Which side of the debate am I (Alysia) on? Hazy, all day, everyday.


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