Breweries in the Mountains | I – 70 Corridor Itinerary

I-70 Mountain Corridor Itinerary

If you are like me, you are a native who doesn’t ski. So you are secretly or not so secretly waiting for the ski season to end, for the snow to melt and for your warm weather mountain adventures. If you aren’t like me, then this is just an excuse to keep visiting the mountains every weekend.

Just because there are over 70 breweries to visit locally near or in the Denver area doesn’t mean a brewery trip can’t be a day-trip adventure. Or if you are thinking of staying longer you can make a weekend out of it, camp out or stay at hotel, it will make the instate beercation that much better.

Quicker Trips

Westbound and Down Brewing Company

Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse and Brewery

Backcountry Brewery

Broken Compass Brewery

Dillon Dam Brewery

Full Day Trips

Crazy Mountain Brewery

Bonfire Brewing

7 Hermits Brewing

Spend The Night Trips

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company

Casey Brewing and Blending

Roaring Fork Beer Company

Carbondale Beer Works

What’s Your Favorite Mountain Brewery?


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