May – The Pilsner | Beer Style Exploration

What is a Pilsner?

A pilsner is a pale lager. It’s called a pilsner because it originated in the town of Pilsen in Germany. The pilsner is also often called a blonde style beer. Like all lagers it is brewed with a particular type of yeast that is known as a bottom fermenter and is kept cold during this process.

What does that mean to you?

The pilsner is a great light and refreshing beer for summer. The flavor will be beer at its most basic and allows those ingredients to come to the forefront. With it’s low ABV it will be drinkable all day long. It is bitter but not like an IPA and will pair well with any outdoor adventures.

What to look for in a good Pilsner:

Visually: First and foremost is should be crystal clear. It should also be light in color and is often categorized as straw colored or light gold with a robust head.

Aromatically: The aroma should have hints of the lighter malt and will often be floral or even spicy from the traditional hops used during the brew.

Taste: The first thing people will notice about the taste of a pilsner is the carbonation. The flavor will have a light malt backbone that will let the bitterness of the traditional hops to show through. The beer should be a crisp with a dry-type finish. Most importantly this is a clean beer, allowing the four basic ingredients (water, yeast, hops, grain) of beer to shine.

ABV: This is a sessionable beer and should fall into the 4% to 6% range.

Style Variations:

German Style

Czech Style

European Style

Colorado Breweries for Pilsner Recommendations:

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Oskar Blues Brewery

Prost Brewing

Avery Brewing Company

Left Hand Brewing Company


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