5 Gallon Pale Ale | Homebrew Update

Bring On The Next Beer

It has been a while. In fact our last post about homebrewing was a little bit over a month ago. This was almost done on purpose, there hasn’t been enough time lately to brew and more importantly we were busy gathering input and feedback from our friends on the first batch.

 The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. People have enjoyed it, a couple have even asked for a second which was a welcome surprise. Most people even agreed it was in the proper style category. A common theme was that it was very drinkable and had a good taste but that the flavor could use a boost. There were a lot more positives to take away than was first anticipated in our original tasting.

This brings me to our next brew. For our next five gallon batch we are going to take what we learned with the first experience and use it for a Pale Ale. The actual brew date is to be determined but it is going to absolutely happen in the month of May. We will be using the same brew set up and the same brand of ingredient kit. I also plan on trying out a one gallon beer and adding in my own fruit as a small side project. May is going to be busy which is only fitting for the reason below.

National Homebrew Day

Sunday May 7th is national homebrew day so if you were looking for a good reason to brew a batch of beer this weekend, this is it. If you are looking to hang out with your fellow homebrewers and learn a some brew tips this is also your weekend. Most, if not all local homebrew shops along with a couple of breweries are participating in a BIG brew day on Saturday, May 6th to celebrate the holiday. I will be stopping by The Brew Hut here in Aurora to check on all the homebrewers and their setups early on Saturday.


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