Beer Books | April Edition

Wood & Beer

A Brewer’s Guide

The first couple of months of the year we selected books that focused on the basics of beer. The basics of style, brewing and general beer debauchery. As we move along we will continue to suggest books that keep the perspective of beer on a higher / fun level but every once and a while we are going to throw something in that may only attract the beer nerds.

The book for April falls into that category. Wood & Beer – A Brewer’s Guide is written by Dick Cantwell and Peter Bouckaert. Two brewers with a wealth of experience, a collection of awards between them and a never ending passion for how beer and wood play together. This book seemed particularly appropriate this month since we are focusing on sours, wild ales etc. and all of those beers have a wood connection.

If you have ever wondered why things are barre- aged a certain way this is the book for you. If you have ever wondered what the difference is between American Oak, French Oak and European Oak then this is the book for you. You see the barrels in every brewery you walk into today, whether they are peaking out from the back or on display in the taproom, this book will break it down for you.

After you finish it, pop up to New Belgium in Fort Collins and check out the type of wooden barrels Bouckaert gets to play with on a daily basis.


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