Dry Hopping Along

Equinox IPA continued –

I received much appreciated feedback from friends and followers on my first brew. A lot of people told me the secondary fermentation process wasn’t needed, you can keep it in first and the batch will even go quicker. Quicker beer? Generally speaking, I would jump right on that but since this batch was going to be dry hopped, my first attempt at that, I decided to stick with my experience, as little as it might be šŸ™‚

The siphoning from the primary to the secondary fermenter went much smoother this time. After all, before the last brew, I couldn’t tell when I last used a siphon if ever. As with all things a little practice goes a long way.

The recipe calls to add 4oz of Equinox hops after it has been moved over. From all I read, I felt like surely it couldn’t be just that easy? It was, and that is when I remembered I am brewing a small one gallon batch using a kit.

The hops were floating on top, the airlock was sealed into place and the beer was going back to it’s happy place in the beer cellar. To be honest, it was a bit anti-climatic since it was so similar to the previous process.

My only concern?

Do those hops really float down to the bottom with ease so I can bottle without worrying about them?

Next up (after two weeks) – Bottling- This time I made sure to have an assistant.


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