Summer and all of its deliciously tangy beers is coming to a close. The only solace for an avid or casual beer drinker? Oktoberfest. This is the time of year when the style of beer changes along with the leaves to something warmer and fit for cool fall evenings.

Now I know that it seems like it is coming earlier and earlier each year and it is. There is no denying that mid-August is a bit early to start reviewing Oktoberfest beers but it is not too early to start putting together the perfect Oktoberfest six pack.

The search has begun and here is the list so far:

Dry Dock: Doctoberfest

Left Hand: Oktoberfest

Avery: The Kaiser

Great Divide: Hoss

Prost: Marzen Oktoberfest

Odell: Oktoberfest

Boulder Beer: Dragonhosen

Is there a special Colorado Oktoberfest beer you are looking forward to drinking?

Put your suggestions in the comments.

Maybe together we can put together the perfect 12 pack.