Onto The Next Brew

The first brew experience was a bit stressful, a lot of fun, and I have to admit made me want to do it again. People talk about it getting to you and I was a skeptic but now as I dive into this one with ideas for the one after I have to admit they were right. Not only do I want to learn how different styles are brewed, I want to find out if I am capable of brewing a legitimately delicious beer.

The Next Beer:

Equinox IPA

I am using the same set up as last time and the same basic brew kit from Brewer’s Best. While I am looking forward to being adventurous, the second attempt isn’t quite the right time.

Lessons Learned:

The first time through there was a lot of unknown and I have already emphasized the lack of patience. The one thing I know we did correctly was the sanitation process.

Waiting for the water to get to the right temperature for the grains and achieving the rolling boil slowly for the malt extract was successful albeit far more time consuming. There was no risk of overflow and adding the hops went off without a hitch, leaving plenty of time for beer drinking.

The beer was placed in the primary fermenter and put away for a few days. I am sticking with the secondary process because up next I will be dry hopping for the first time.


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