Hop Nectar | Beer Review

American IPA – Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company

Everyone has their take on the IPA style and what it should or shouldn’t be – this is a beer that can help you explore what it means to you. With it’s low ABV it felt like the perfect opportunity to discover new subtleties within the hazy IPA genre.

Besides, who can resist a can with a hop stealing bee on it?

Tagline: Loads of juicy hops play with a dose of flaked malt to push the envelope for this deliciously fresh take on an IPA.

Visual: Hazy Gold with hints of orange.

Aroma: Citrus but of the sweeter variety intermixed with traditional piney hop notes.

Taste: The first sip hits with a combination of citrus and pine hops, it almost explodes, but the bitterness tails off. The mouthfeel is silky smooth and for a hazy IPA style beer it’s extremely sessionable with its low ABV. In a craft beer world full of new hazy IPAs this one has found a way to stand out.

ABV: 5.3%

Overall Beer Rating:     8.5 out of 10 spades


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