Beer & Food | March Pairing

Beer Style of the Month: IPA

Taste (A Different Approach Than Style Profile): Most IPAs can considered a medium style beer but have a direct style profile. They can be bitter, burst with citrus or pine, while backed with malt in their flavoring. This type of beer requires strong flavors in the food to make the combination work.

Suggested Pairing: The food should be strong and spicy, aggressive in it’s own profile so Mexican, Indian and Chinese (if spicy) dishes pair very well. Be warned the IPA will heighten the heat. If spice isn’t your thing you can pair any IPA with a burger off the grill for a flavorful combination. Believe it or not IPAs can also be paired with some spice forward desserts such as carrot cake.

Our Favorite: Green Chile smothered steak burrito with a robust double IPA. The flavor of both is almost overwhelming but the two items do an excellent job bringing out the best in each other.


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