Beer Books | March Edition

In January our beer book focused on the fundamentals of beer. The following month, February, we focused on the basics of brewing. Both books while immensely valuable were more fact driven and less fun driven. For the month of March that changes, our book of the month is The Beer Geeks Handbook by Patrick Dawson and illustrated by Greg Kletsel.

There is no requirement to be a full on beer geek to appreciate this book but it certainly takes it to another level. You can learn the history of beer geekdom and where the perfect place might be to take a beercation. If a beercation isn’t in the budget right now there are helpful hints as to where you can find and master the perfect liquor store hookup.

There is also discussion on (to name a few):

The underworld of Beer Trading (it is a thing)

Hosting a Beer Tasting

Survival Tips for Beer Festivals

There is a chapter for everyone so pick it up and let’s geek out together.


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