Bottle Selection:

Brewing your own beer takes quite a bit of hard work and effort in general but bottling day is by far the most labor intensive day. In an attempt to make the day a bit easier we went with 22 ounce bomber bottles instead of traditional 12 ounce bottles, which changed the number of bottles from 53 to 24. There was a still a bit left over in the bucket that unfortunately went to waste but after successfully finishing 24 bottles it was easier to accept.

Final Gravity:

The final gravity was a bit higher than it should have been but not enough to create a lot of concern at this point.

Flavor Profile:

Β No immediate off flavors which was exciting since this was the first batch of this size. For an amber ale it was malt forward, a bit chewy with a caramel taste lingering in the background. The hop profile was minimal and it was overall a pleasant taste, can’t wait to see what happens after carbonation.

Next Steps:

The beer should be carbonated by the end of this upcoming week so we hope to post our homebrew taste review a week from today.