It’s The Most Wonderful Time To Drink Beer | Christmas Beer Review

Merry Holidays!

Happy Christmas!

Or as I like to say Cheers!

The final countdown to Christmas is on. You have exactly one week to finish all your gift shopping to make sure there are plenty of gifts under the tree.

I would like to tell you that I am done with mine but that would be a lie. I am, however, done with picking up my Christmas beers for the season.

Yes, Christmas Beers, not to be, but often confused with the winter warmers we looked at last week. Think of it this way, these can be winter warmers but they are filled with spices and fruits that make you think of Christmas morning (along with a few festive can or bottle designs). Also these have a tendency to be Ales but not all of our suggestions will be.

We have sampled at the breweries and picked up a few cans and bottles.

The list below isn’t exhaustive but these are the beers we are caroling with this Christmas:

(In No Particular Order and Our Ratings Are Included)

Upslope: Wild Christmas Ale10 out of 10 spades

Upslope: Christmas Ale8 out of 10 spades

Dry Dock: Cranberry Tart9 out of 10 spades

Dry Dock: Eggnog Cream Ale7 out of 10 spades

Diebolt: Figgy Noir8.5 out of 10 spades

Factotum: Cranberry Cream Ale8 out of 10 spades

Strangecraft: Gingerbread Man8 out of 10 spades

Bull & Bush: Yuel Fuel7 out of 10 spades

Wiley Roots: Funk Yo Festivus8.5 out of 10 spades

Avery: Old Jubilation9 out of 10 spades

Merry Christmas!


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