Denver Beer Festivus | Festival Recap

5th Annual Denver [only] Beer Festivus

Wings of the Rockies Museum – Denver, Colorado

Each December for the last five years, the people at Two Parts invite every brewery and cidery within the city limits of Denver to get together for a beer festival. Throw in a bit of holiday decor and of course a dash of Seinfeld (I did not air my grievances this time) and you get an amazing atmosphere at a unique location.

Picture it – people everywhere (some in onesies – Christmas themed) drinking beers, and wandering by life-size military and other style aircraft.

Added bonus – if you were feeling frisky or needed a break between beers because these were certainly “big” (high ABV) beers you could dance it out at the oversized silent Disco.

The Newbies (to me)

My favorite part of beer festivals is the opportunity taste beers from places I haven’t been able to visit yet.

Top 5 New to me Breweries (in no particular order):

Banded Oak Brewing Company

Bruz Beers

Briar Common Brewery + Eatery

Chain Reaction Brewing Company

De Steeg Brewing

The Standouts (Beers and Breweries)

Fiction Beer Company – Winter Emblem

Black Sky Brewery – Krampus Olde English Ale

Strange Craft Beer Company – Cherry Kettle Sour

Platt Park Brewing Company – Tropical Snow Dance IPA

Beyrl’s Beer Co – Jingle Beans

The People

Quite possibly the most fun group of people I have ever been around for a beer festival. I don’t know if it was the “big” beers or the good cheer of the holidays, the upbeat vibe was contagious.

Overall Festival Rating:     9 spades out of 10

Until Next Year… I’ll keep track of my Grievances.



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