Your Colorado Beer Review

Now, I know what you are thinking…

Where is the Christmas Beer List?

It is coming later this week which will give you the full week next week to pick up the perfect Christmas beer(s) for your Christmas Eve and Day celebrations.

Now, I am asking for you assistance…

Undoubtedly you have and will be reading all kinds of year-end beer reviews, most of them coming from industry leaders, brewers etc. I wanted to do something different for our year-end Colorado Beer Review. I want to hear what you, our readers, have to say about this past year on the Colorado Craft beer scene.

Below is a list of what we are looking for from our fellow Colorado Beer Fans.

2016 Colorado Craft Beer Feedback:

Favorite Brewery?

Favorite New Brewery?

Favorite Beer?

Favorite Style?

Beer Fad or Style you would like to see end?

Beer trend you are looking forward to in 2017?

Any other thoughts on 2016 and/or going into 2017?


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