Cerebral Brewing | Brewery Review

Location: Denver, Colorado (near Colorado BLVD and Colfax Ave)

The Scene: Their tagline is “A Scientific Approach to Beer” and you feel it when you walk in the door. However, the vibe is anything but static. Crisp, clean lines and the occasional skeleton welcome a predominantly younger crew but the families were out before the night shift rolled in. Beer class is in session or take a crowler home to study later.

The Beer List: The IPAs are the main attraction but don’t let that distract you from the English Brown Ale – Known Entities or the Robust American Porter – Nightglow

The Best: Fantastic Planet – Blueberry IPA, sadly this beer is gone now but it’s the first blueberry beer I have actually enjoyed. Tart with the essence enhanced by the beer, not a too sweet or too weak fruit afterthought.

What am I going back for? Deep Thought, Multi-grain Saison, it was tapped a couple of days after my visit. After trying the rest of their lineup, I’d love to taste their Saison style.

The Unexpected: The Beer Oasis that was their patio. Sitting outside as the sun set behind the neighboring buildings it was almost too easy to forget you were just moments away from the hustle of Colfax and Colorado.

Overall Brewery Rating:     9 spades out of 10


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