Thirsty Thursday | Beer Review | Yurt Life

India Pale Ale - Outer Range Brewing Company¬† There are a lot of different reasons behind my selections for the beer for the Thirsty Thursday beer reviews - and I wish I could share a very deep story behind this one but alas I cannot. I decided to review Yurt Life from Outer Range Brewing... Continue Reading →

Outer Range Brewing Company | Brewery Review

Location: Frisco, Colorado The Scene: The brewery is quite literally just a jump from I-70 in Frisco but you would never know it. It's small but comfortable and has a huge glass door that opens up to a spacious patio that overlooks the nearby peaks. The place is everything you would expect to find in... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Summer Beer

There is something different about you. The way your flavor dances upon my tongue after that first sip. The fruit, the freedom, the fun - almost as intoxicating as you. The beads of sweat remind me not to linger but enjoy. There is something special about you, Summer Beer

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