Our First Beer

Hello and welcome to Hard 12 Brews, a blog dedicated to the exploration of the Colorado craft beer scene. For those of you not familiar with blackjack the title of the blog might not make sense. When playing if you decide to double your bet on a hard 12 which would be a ten and a two, the dealer has to yell out to the surrounding tables that you have decided to do it. This announces to the world you are willing to take the gamble and go for it, even if the odds might be against you.

Starting a beer blog in one of the most prolific beer scenes in the country might be a gamble but I love to double my bet. My double, in this instance, is to combine my love of writing and my love of beer. I want to explore, taste, understand and then write about the craft beer scene in Colorado. The best part about this scene? No matter how hard I may try I may never get to them all…. I do love a challenge.

I am setting the modest goal of trying a minimum of 12 new beers a month. Yes, just beers, if I went to a minimum of 12 new breweries a month we both know there would be no productivity on this blog.

This blog will offer reviews on local breweries and their beers along with other Colorado beers along the way. Not only that, but you all will get to travel with me on my very first and hopefully not my last home brew expedition.

I will also be providing in depth looks at specific beer categories and their ingredients. We will visit many beer festivals and I look forward to incorporating the beer flash fiction.

While this blog will take beer seriously, there will always be time for a good story and high-jinks or as I call them, beer-jinks.

Grab a pint and join me.




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