When I tell most people that I’ve never attempted to brew a single beer, those who know me are shocked. The assumptions is that any beer lover, snob, appreciator etc. has at least tried. I must admit it makes me feel like a bit of a fraud. How can I claim to know good if not great beer if I’ve never gone through the process?

I knew when I started this project, this blog, it was going to be something I would have to remedy. Here’s the thing though, I am terrified of failing. My fear while it pains me to admit is not unfounded. I only cook to survive, I can only bake a couple of things and they took years to master. Last but not least, science is not a strong point. Everyone tells me, “Don’t worry the kits are so easy there is no way you can mess it up.” Which is quite possibly the worst thing you can tell a person. What’s wrong with me if I am the one person who messes it up?

One thing is for sure – either way it’s going to make a good story.

Step one will be to overcome my fear and dig in. I am hoping by putting it out in the universe the beer fates will smile down on me. No matter what happens I am sure to learn something about beer I didn’t know before. If I fail, I can always try again.

Next week, we will look at the basic process. I think I know better than to dive right into the fermenter.