Outer Range Brewing Company | Brewery Review

Location: Frisco, Colorado

The Scene: The brewery is quite literally just a jump from I-70 in Frisco but you would never know it. It’s small but comfortable and has a huge glass door that opens up to a spacious patio that overlooks the nearby peaks. The place is everything you would expect to find in an eccentric small town brewery but with a modern flair (the design says it all). It’s also easy to see the ambitions of this brewery are anything but small. Dog-friendly and relaxed it’s worth stopping by even if it’s just for one beer on your next trip up or down I-70.

The Beer List: The beers fall into two categories – Belgians and IPAs. On the surface that would seem limiting but it’s not. Each saison had its own touch, the strong ale was distinct and the sour made a statement. Then came the much talked about IPAs – from traditional to super juiced doubles, these IPAs can stand their ground with any IPA currently produced in Colorado.

The Best: While it’s always hard to pick a favorite – on this day it was Final Summit – the French Farmhouse and Rustic Ways – Double (Hazy) IPA. Both were bold and made a statement in a different way. Together these two beers demonstrated the versatility of the brewery.

What am I going back for? The mountain vibe, the mountain view and those fine IPAs. There is just something special about enjoying a juicy IPA in the sun in the higher altitude – it just feels right.

Overall Brewery Rating:     8.5 spades out of 10

Bonus Beer Review – In The Steep 

Unlike our other beer reviews, this one is going to be a bit more relaxed. This first canned offering from Outer Range is the kind of first release that breweries only hope to have. In the Steep is an all Citra- hazy juice bomb. The mouthfeel was creamy, the hops burst on your tongue and it ended with a fruity brightness that pushed the bitter to the back of the flavor profile. At an ABV of 6.9% – it’s almost sessionable – this beer is the type of beer that Haze Chasers lust over.

Overall Beer Rating:     9 spades out of 10


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