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Blonde Coffee Milk Stout with Vanilla – High Hops Brewery

When I wander into a liquor store now it becomes more and more difficult to find something I haven’t tried and something that is out of the ordinary unless it’s the newest seasonal from my regular breweries. I wasn’t in the mood for that and this awesome can from High Hops Brewery caught my eye – how could I pass it up? This beer was more than I hoped it would be – looks like it’s time to plan a trip to Windsor to see what else they’ve got.

Tagline: This is the closest thing you can get to a vanilla latte in a beer.

Visual: Pours with a nice frothy head. The color is a silky copper with hints of orange, red and gold. It’s just a pretty beer.

Aroma: Vanilla hits you first followed by the coffee. Only the slightest hint of its beer base – no malts or hops jump out but if you go in for a deep sniff those things are there.

Taste: Smooth, luscious and light. The tagline could not be more correct. This beer is a vanilla latte in a can and you certainly have no idea as your sipping it that it clocks in at over 8%. The vanilla and french roast take center stage with minimal bitterness and a malt backbone that allows those first two flavors to pop. Dare I call this a breakfast beer? Absolutely.

ABV: 8.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 spades out of 10

This rating is based on it being a non-traditional style of stout. 


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