GABF – Let’s Talk Necklaces

The Great American Beer Festival is big, it’s amazing, and if we’re going to be honest with each other, it can be overwhelming. To maximize your day or if you are lucky enough, days, you have to plan. I am not saying that you need to layout every minute but don’t wing it.

My Two Biggest Planning Suggestions:

  1. Pick and map your breweries (You will see my plan next week)
  2. Plan out your food and drink for the entire day. It’s a beer marathon – not a sprint and your body needs proper fuel.

What to do GABF Day:

Get hydrated. Drink lots of water in the morning and for those of you joining us in the altitude of the Mile High City start drinking water the moment you land. Next up, eat. This might sound strange but the last thing you want to do is show up with any empty stomach. I know you want to fill your belly with beer but without food there is no enjoyment, only drunken regret. Avoid carbs and stick to fatty foods such as cheese known for their ability to slow alcohol absorption.

What to bring:

The rules are fairly simple, no outside food or beverages are allowed with two exceptions. You can bring a clear empty water bottle to fill up and drink as you go and pretzel necklaces. I say pretzel necklaces but I am using the term pretzel loosely, they are really snacks on strings. I suggest going with small to medium sized classic pretzels, anything fancier than that and you can ruin your palate.

You can get creative and most people do. So grab cheese-sticks or beef jerky, anything light and easily hole punched.

Just remember the necklace is an accessory, the beer is the main event.


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