It’s the moment of truth, did we learn anything from the first brew? Optimism was running high when I popped the top and it was beautifully carbonated, something we struggled with on the first attempt.

Optimism turned to questions and reflection – Something went wrong.

Visual: Gold with deep red hues, almost copper. Predominantly clear with great head.

Aroma: Hops first followed by citrusy / floral scents. The buttery popcorn scent unfortunately showed up next. My first encounter with diacetyl flavors.

Taste: The hops bite and give way to a low malt profile. The beer has a medium to high level of bitterness and does not finish cleanly.

ABV: 9.1 % (Starting gravity saw this coming)

Overall Beer Rating:     4 spades out of 10

We did not keep the yeast happy.