Wild Sage Brett Saison – Beer Review and Rumor

It was inevitable that this blog would review a beer from Crooked Stave. The artisanal brewery has become a bit of a legend not just in the state but across the country. Their location inside the Source, tucked away from the ever-growing Brighton boulevard has only added to their ambiance and reputation. Sours are what they deal in and they do it well. They set the tone and the rumor is they are going to do it again by exploring even more sour and coffee combinations – I will be first in line.

Visual: Tempered gold hue with minimal head.

Aroma: The smell is not for the timid. The herbs and sour funk hit immediately and with force. This leaves the sage and the lemon or citrus scent lingering in the background.

Taste: The beer starts tart but finishes sour as it should. The saison vibe is playing in the background while your taste buds dance with the sage before moving onto lemon grass. The finish is delightfully crisp.

ABV: 7.2%

Over All Beer Rating:     9 out of 10 spades 


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