Bottle That Beer

I can admit when I make a mistake and I certainly made a mistake when I estimated how much time and effort it would take to bottle my beer. How hard could it possibly be I thought? How long could it possibly take? I should be done in less than an hour.

Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. I walked away from this activity like everything else… humbled and exhausted but exhilarated.

Step 1: We boiled water for the priming sugar and then poured it into the recently sanitized primary fermenter. The beer was then siphoned in and mixed together… gently… for a little over a minute.

Step 2: While the priming sugar was added to the beer and being mixed together the bottles and their caps were properly sanitized and left to air dry.

Step 3: This is where things got a bit tricky. I needed to siphon the beer, now ready to go with the sugar, into the bottles. The kit provides a great bottle attachment and pumping siphon but taking it on alone was a bit ambitious. Luckily all bottles were filled with no casualties.

Step 4: I am not going to lie this was probably my favorite part, the capping of the bottles. The first one was full of hesitation but the rest were so satisfying. They popped on the bottles snugly and I knew the next time I saw these beauties I would be cracking one open to drink it.

Step 5: It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN! I have placed them back in the beer happy place. It will take one to two weeks for the carbonation to take place and then it’s drinking time.

I Cannot Wait.


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