From Primary to Secondary Fermentation

The Debate:

Something interesting happened when I made the decision to take my beer from a primary to a secondary fermenter. This is the one step in the process where I got the most conflicting feedback. Even at Brewhut when I bought this kit, taking it to secondary did not have a consensus. The instructions stated it and I promised this time, the first time, I would follow them exactly. After the first attempt and more reading, maybe I’ll feel comfortable going rogue.

Primary Fermenter –

The switch took place when the bulk of the fermentation had happened but wasn’t yet complete.

I have to admit opening the bucket and seeing this… both exciting and a bit comical…

Secondary Fermenter Sanitized and ready for the beer to be transferred via siphon.

Transfer Complete – Now it’s placed back in the newly minted “Beer Resting Place” until it’s ready to bottle.

I have to say, being patient is finally starting to grow on me.


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