Brew Kit Hunting

A person gets some interesting looks when they walk into a beer supply store to make their first purchase before noon on a weekday. I planned it that way, I knew I was going to need more than a little bit of assistance.

The two guys at Brew Hut were great but it became clear only one of them was up to the task. After some basic questions and my admission of my inability to cook or bake we made our way to their kits. “We usually say if you can bake, you can brew, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.” We both knew there was no confidence in his tone.

Brew Kit Purchased: One gallon set up, smaller than the ever present five gallon set up but it will give me six beers and the experience I am after. I don’t need to worry about a kettle and there is always time to upgrade. Side note, I had no idea you could get anything so small.

Ingredient Kit: I went with Mandarina Pale Ale, it was one of their seasonal kits and all inclusive. Supposedly, all of the kits were equal in their level of difficulty, for my sake I hope it’s true.

Helpful Hint: I was told to check out since it provides a lot of guidance in the basics of brewing in the free courses. Perfect, the more basics, the better.

A Final Request: Does anyone have any great tips they wish to share? Anything and you know anything will be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Brewing set for tomorrow.


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