Upslope Brewing Thai Style White IPA – Beer Review

Guest Beer Review By Meg – Resident IPA Aficionado

Upslope Brewing’s Thai Style White IPA is a limited release brewed in Boulder, Colorado. As a Boulder native, Upslope has a special place in my heart (and tastebuds), so I decided it would be the perfect first IPA to review. This beer started as a collaboration with Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen in Denver and is now a summer favorite.

Visual: Bright straw, slightly cloudy.

Aroma: Lightly hoppy and spicy. You can smell the Asian inspired spices used in this beer.

Taste: The spices give this beer more of a kick than your usual IPA. The ginger and coriander especially stand out to me, giving it a strong flavor. It finishes with your typical American IPA bitterness. Easy to drink, after the first couple of sips the spiciness begins to fade.

ABV: 6.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 Spades out of 10





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