Fat Wild Ale- Beer Review

What’s that you say? Special Beers? Yes please.

New Belgium recently released a twelve pack where they collaborated with a number of different breweries for one-time beers. A lot of people will say that collaborations take away from the integrity of the beer because the brewers have to compromise. I do not agree. I enjoy them more often than not and am a huge fan of Collaboration Fest. If you have not been, you have to go. Of course, some of the beers went a bit to far but most were delicious risks.

Besides this was a collaboration between New Belgium, a staple, and Avery, a favorite, it had too much going for it.

Visual: A faded orange that floats into copper.

Aroma: At first sniff it brought me back to an old friend, Fat Tire, but this is more soft and fruity with a hint something else. It’s hard to pin down it was kind of earthy or herbal in nature.

Taste: Based on the aroma I was expecting something that I knew and it almost happened. Fat Tire comes at you with it’s taste but this tempts you with sweeter fruits before the bitterness. It finished bitter and a taste of sour. It was like hanging out with an old friend who spent a couple of weeks in the islands.

ABV: 6.2%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 out of 10 Spades


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