The Beer List | GABF 2018

If you don’t know – follow me on Instagram at @Hard12brews to find out but I also do a bit of beer writing for a magazine so I had a head start on putting this list together.

800 Breweries and 4,000 Beers means you need to have a plan to go with your pretzel necklace and ridiculous amounts of water.

I enjoy the symmetry of things so here are my Must-Try 12 Beers for 2018 GABF.

  1. Number Crunch – Bottle Logic Brewing
  2. Coconut Parabola – Firestone Walker Brewing
  3. ALL THE MEDIANOCHES – WeldWerks Brewing Company
  4. Henna: Swirl – More Brewing Company
  5. ALL THE HAZE – Wren House Brewing Company
  6. Double Stack – Great Notion Brewing Company
  7. Black Tuesday – The Bruery
  8. Pudding Goggles – Forager Brewing Company
  9. Squared + Balaton Cherries – Westbound & Down Brewing
  10. A Night To End All Dawns – Kane Brewing Company
  11. Laws whiskey barrel-aged coconut vanilla Malice and Darkness Russian Imperial Stout – Fiction Beer Company
  12. The Blazed Orange Milkshake – Hop Butcher For The World

Shouts to the folks over at PorchDrinking for pour list preview – the full list can be found here.

Any must-drink beers that I have missed? Let me know!


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