5 Things We Loved About The WeldWerks GABF Medianoche and Can Release

WeldWerks Brewing GABF Medianoche & Can Release

It happened, yes it finally happened. The highly (and rightfully) sought after Medianoches from WeldWerks Brewing Company were available yesterday (9/19/18) without having to “win” the online ticket sale.

I am not sure I have ever seen so many people in the city of Greeley on a Wednesday afternoon and as I walked back to my car – I know they had never seen so many of us on a Wednesday. In fact, the people picking up their kids from school in the shared parking lot looked downright confused. More than one asked us what we were doing and couldn’t wrap their mind around that HUGE line being just for beer. It’s okay –  I am sure I don’t fully understand their hobbies either.

I wouldn’t call it a flawless release – most people did spend a couple of hours in line but I can tell you the folks at WeldWerks were doing their best. It was, however, one hell of a good time and I got to bring home ALL THE GOODIES.

Top 5 Things We Loved

1- Medianoches available WITHOUT the online sale – it was old school and it was great.

2- The Peanut Butter Cup Medianoche – I can say this is without a doubt the first peanut butter cup was true to form AND it tasted like it was dipped in Bourbon – yes, please.

3 – Down The Hill – The Hazy IPA collab with Outer Range – I want more experimental hops.

4 – New look and taste Mexican Achromatic – Looks sharp complimenting that extra space.

5 – 18 Month Medianoche – they told us and after a couple sips we believe it, quite possibly the best beer to roll out of WeldWerks…. ever.

I had a blast seeing all my craft beer friends – can’t wait to see you all again tonight. 


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