Our 2018 Great American Beer Festival Itinerary

Alright y’all it’s been a busy couple of months and now all of a sudden it’s GABF. It just feels weird celebrating this beer holiday in September but we will make it happen. I am just glad I requested my PTO back in February, who knows if I would have remembered.

My craft beer staycation goes into effect on 5 p.m. on Tuesday – yes, I am counting down. 

I have been busy putting together my GABF week schedule, it’s tentative but I am trying to stick to a plan. I am trying to minimize the number of events to maximize my experience. As always I will be rocking the Spade Hat for the week so if you see me come say Hi.


Haze vs. Clear

No better way to start off the first GABF with the Hazy IPA as an official category than by drinking all the IPAs. The party starts at 5 p.m. at Finn’s Manor on 2927 Larimer St., Denver. I will roll in just before 6 and plan on comparing the two styles for as long as I can.



Wednesday is for Greeley. I will be heading up that morning, but not first thing, they promised to have enough. I will be at WeldWerks trying to snag all the Medianoches and that awesome looking Hazy IPA Collab with Outer Range. Next, up is Wiley Roots, hoping there will be some Man On A Buffalo left but the outlook isn’t good.

I will be stopping in Denver on Wednesday for a little something with Amalgam – more to come on that in the future.


3rd Annual F@#*ing Catalina Wine Mixer

Taking it easy but Call To Arms is where I’ve got my sights set for this day. I just love their wine barrel-aged beers so I am not sure I can resist one or two (at most) as my pre-game party.

Session 1 for GABF – my list of must-try beers will be up tomorrow. 


Cerebral Brewing

The barrel-aged Ancient Ruins and Forever Awake bottle release is where I will be spending my morning. Not too early though, a girl has to sleep off night one of GABF.

Like Minded – inspired beers. Inspired Wines

I will once again find myself at Finn’s Manor – it’s the only place and only time I will be able to snag Other Half and Trillium during GABF – HAZE chaser until the end.

Session 2 for GABF – Focusing on the Meet The Brewer Section. 


Sleeping in and then heading downtown for the last session of GABF for me, the member’s session. I would like to think I will be able to hit up some of the after parties but let’s be honest, not going to happen.

Session 3 for GABF – Recap of Awards and Final Thoughts on the Expansion

Now there are well over 100 events going on this week and I have only listed a couple – as always with GABF I will see where the wind, or in this case, the beer takes me.


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