Wiley Roots Brewing Company Expands and Gets Peachy

Up north – just off of the main drag in Greeley there is a brewery that you need to visit. And before you say it – hell, before you think it – I want you to know it’s not that one. I am talking about Wiley Roots Brewing Company. The quiet powerhouse. The brewery bringing you delectable sours, crushable slush beers and haze beers that can quench any haze bro or haze lady (myself included).

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about their ability to throw down awesome barrel-aged stouts like the highly sought after Nilla Pseudonym. I am hyped for those future beers but that’s not what we are here to talk about today.


First up – let’s focus on the expansion. That’s right – it’s only a matter of time before (it’s a few months out) Wiley has the kind of space that us, the craft beer lover needs and appreciates. Just recently it was announced that they signed a lease to expand into the space next door – taking up an additional 4,600 square feet. Can we just ask how many more barrels does that mean?

Slush Beers Get Limited Distribution

Can I beer honest for a minute? Sometimes, depending on the day, I spend a little too much time lusting after beer on Instagram. In this case, yesterday, it paid off when I saw the Slush beers appear at some of my favorite local liquor stores. The slush beers are at their most basic a fruited sour ale. I loved the Peach version – it might forever be my favorite. However, the Mango Guava has just hit the scene. I am biased on that too since it was my suggestion during their anniversary flavor contest. My idea took second but got canned and hit distribution. So, who is the real winner here? I think it’s me.

Distribution is great – we can’t always make the trip but if you haven’t made it to Greeley try to find time because there is something special about these beers coming out of the slushy machine and it’s not just because they usually come with a tiny umbrella.

We were fortunate to get the official list for this limited distribution:

Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

Wyatt’s Wet Goods

Mile High Wine and Spirits

Mr. B’s Wine & Spirits-Downtown

Mr. B’s Wine & Spirits-Stanley Marketplace

Hazel’s Beverage World

Crafty Beer Wine & Liquor

Packed with Peaches Is Back

Time makes everything better right? Packed with Peaches confirms that with authority. We were lucky enough to get a bottle before the release and let me just tell you, you want this beer. This beer starts its life as a golden sour base beer and it’s then fermented with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus for 18 months. After those glorious 18 months, the beer is transferred onto three pounds per gallon of Palisade peaches. Yes, please.

This beer pours softly and is a light orange shade with the slight hint of red hues. It’s got the funky – peachy aroma you would expect. The carbonation is on point. It tastes like biting into a tart (truly sour) fresh peach that is dripping from being almost too ripe.

Not to be a tease but it also leaves a lingering flavor on your lips – you can’t help but go back from more.

This beer is great now – I can only see it getting better with time.

The online sale starts at 10 a.m. on August 13, 2018, 70% of the bottles will be available.  

If you miss out online – don’t worry the other 30% of the bottles will be available on August 17th for those line warriors. The 17th is also the first day for online pick-ups and Wiley gives you 16 days to make it happen.

There are options.  

Peach Table Beer

Packed with Peaches is the main event but the Peach Table Beer is the kind of back up anyone would love to have. This mixed culture petite saison was aged on second-use peaches. Now where I wonder, could those peaches have come from?

Like Packed with Peached we were able to try this beer before the release and if you asked me I am not sure I could pick my favorite. This beer is less carbonated and is almost fluffy. As you would expect from a saison it’s got a hint of dryness that plays with the peach. The best way to describe it? There is a dab of funky.

The peach flavor is mellow but not weak – this is a wonderfully delicate beer enhanced with peachy goodness.

The full allotment consists of two Packed with Peaches at $22 per bottle and three Peach Table Beers at $11 per bottle.

Not that you need it but if you snag that full allotment you are entered to win a magnum of Packed with Peaches.

Hopefully, we see some of you peach lovin’ beer people up there on Saturday the 17th. We will have on the spade hat so make sure to say hi and of course, let’s have a beer.


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