5 Things We Loved About The New Avery Invitational

The Avery Invitational

For the most part – we love change – however, when we heard that Avery was canceling the Strong Ale Fest and Sour Fest and replacing it with one singular festival – we freaked out. How could two of our favorite and most unique festivals be replaced?

Lesson learned? Never underestimate Avery Brewing Company

Top 5 Things We Loved

1. The Expansion – more tents, more seating, more people, more beer BUT it still had the local Avery Vibe

2. The Seminars – You can geek out about barrel-aged beers, sensory details and the ales of antiquity.

3. Trillium Brewing – That’s right the East Coast brewery made their first stop in the Rocky Mountains

4. All Things Colorado – The local breweries showed out and we all got to admit that we enjoy and drink a Coors Banquet and we did it together, yes a Coors Banquet.

5. Chatting with the Brewers – We got to say Hi to a number of great brewers, Kyle from Wiley Roots, Sean from Cerebral but we almost geeked out too hard talking beers with Lauren Salazar from New Belgium (happens every damn time we talk to her).

This is one festival I will be attending year after year after year – Cheers Avery!


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