Thirsty Thursday | Beer Review | Peach Beerllini

Radler – Left Hand Brewing Company

If you know me at all – you know one of my true quests in life is to find truly exquisite crushable beers for the hot summer months that have already arrived. Clearly, my friend Debi (shouts to Debi) understands it which is why she surprised me at work with a collection of Left Hand beers that included this radler. I will walk away from no Radler. Also – there might not be anything better than a desk bomb (followed immediately by a porch bomb) of unexpected local brews.

Tagline: Brewed on the banks of the mighty St. Vrain

Visual: Hazy, muted yellow.

Aroma: Pops with juicy peach goodness and hints of acidity.

Taste: Pops with bubbles and carbonation followed by expressive peach flavor and minor citrus. It’s like a peach mimosa but I would have like a stronger finish. Super crushable – summer seasonal.

ABV: 4.1%

Overall Beer Rating:     7.5 out of 10 spades


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