Thirsty Thursday | Beer Review | CODENAME: SUPER(DUPER)FAN

Double IPA – Odd13 Brewing 

As you know I don’t believe in lying so I am not even going to pretend for a minute that the reason I drove to Odd13 on a Sunday when I spent the Friday before camping out for the Cerebral release was for this beer. If you know me well enough and some of you should by now you know another man was calling my name. That man was my love, Hop Hackin’ Henry, I have a lot of favorite beers but Henry is probably top 5 IPAs in the state for me.

I rolled up – ordered a flight of what they were releasing that day and started working my way thru the beers. The black currant sour was on point, Henry warmed my heart as usual and this beer left me intrigued. When you are intrigued you grab a six-pack so you can spend more time with the beer at a later date. So let’s break it down.

Tagline:CODENAME: SUPERDUPERFAN is a double IPA with huge fruit-like aromatics and flavors derived from irresponsible hopping with Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot.

Visual: Super hazy as wished for – vibrant but layered yellow gold with a robust head.

Aroma: Pops with citrus, papaya and melon. It’s also slightly dank – feels like the Ekuanot hop is really showcased.

Taste: The first sip hits you with everything at once – it’s hard to define it. The second sip you get the interplay of the aromas but in taste with the citrus and the earthiness. There is also the slightest hint of bitterness. It has a super smooth mouthfeel I just wish it finished a bit stronger but it’s still a solid beer.

ABV: 8%

Overall Beer Rating:     7.5 out of 10 spades 


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