Doing It Right | Themed Beer Releases

There is a certain period in your life when you can expect a theme party – it’s a little time and place we call college. Not only is acceptable to throw theme parties in college, it’s a requirement. I hosted a few epic shindigs in my day – my favorite was probably the Rock Star party – any excuse for fake tattoos, boas and shenanigans.

Until recently I thought the wonder that was a theme party was gone like my wayward youth. Yes, I do realize I am being slightly over dramatic but it doesn’t feel right to send out Facebook invites to my friends (most of whom are married with children) hosting an anything but clothes party. After a certain age, at least I assume, most people don’t want to wear a large trash bag to a party even if the beer provided is legit.

While breweries aren’t going that far – there are a couple recently that have taken a themed approach to their bigger releases. These themes have made the beer releases not only less stressful but have created a badass atmosphere that builds on the delicious beer being introduced to the public.

Cerebral Brewing Company – Work From Home Breakfast

Cerebral only recently turned two years old but it’s not uncommon for the line for new releases to break 150 people before 8am. It’s also not uncommon for people to camp out overnight – I did it. In order to alleviate some of the stress the week before the release, the regular version and first barrel-aged version of their Breakfast Porter, Work From Home, was released.

On Saturday and Sunday people arrived – tickets in hand – rocking pajamas to dine on bacon, waffles and beer. In the background there were old school cartons – truly all Sunday mornings should start that way. It was by far the most relaxed beer release I have ever attended. Those in attendance got a sneak peak of what they could expect if they waited in line the next week.

Great party, even better beer – I can say this will be an event I will look forward to for years to come.

Bonus: Our rankings on the Work From Home Variants: Rum, OG Barrel followed by Laws – the Laws was a bit too hot for us, we will let it rest a bit.

Comrade Brewing and Casey Brewing and Blending 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted Release

Comrade and Casey took a different approach to their release. Approximately 22o bottles of 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted was released and for the most part, it was the usual release. People lined up, most early, most bottles were accounted for before opening but it was a beautiful spring morning so the wait wasn’t terrible. Line culture, line people – like all beer people are the best.

What made it special? The music. As we streamed in – the one song that should have been playing was playing – 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted with Tupac and Snoop Dogg getting the party bumpin’.

What was even better? They didn’t stop there it was an epic playlist of all the best songs, featuring all the best rappers from back in the day. I heard some Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Dr. Dre and everyone else that I hadn’t heard in years. It was one of those moments that just felt right – vibing while drinking a wonderful beer that showcased the best of Comrade’s base in Superpower that was masterfully put together with a funky Casey twist.

Cheers to Comrade and Casey for the right soundtrack to pop bottles.

Bonus: During this picture Gangsta’s Paradise from Coolio was playing – double bonus – I still remembered all the lyrics.

Attention All Breweries – If You Can, Try A Themed Release


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