Imperial Frambozen | Beer Review

Raspberry Ale with Cocoa and Vanilla – New Belgium Brewing Company

Limited Release

New Belgium has been doing a lot of great things lately – it feels like they have in a way gotten bigger while going back to their roots. As the sour program expands there too has been special attention paid to styles that made them a special stalwart in the Colorado Craft beer scene. There is no better example of this then the “new” release of the Imperial Frambozen – a re-release of an old favorite with a special cocoa addition.

This particular bottle (actually two of them because I am spoiled) was gifted to me for Christmas. Gifted by someone who isn’t a beer person – making it that much more impressive… or it means my obsession with seeking out this holiday beer was a bit too much. Either way, this delightful beer is a holiday win – get it now. It will pair well with family, candy and cold evenings under the Christmas tree.

Visual: Incredibly dark copper with medium head.

Aroma: It begins with a hint of malt followed by a semi-sweet cocoa flavor and ends with lush raspberry.

Taste: It’s no exaggeration to say the taste of this beer feels like biting into a decadent (but not over the top) piece of chocolate that oozes raspberry filling. It is also carbonated enough to pop on the palate. This beer satisfies the beer nerd and could lure the non-beer drinker to our side.

ABV: 8.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 spades out of 10


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