No Buy January | Cellar Resolutions

People love a fresh start and who can blame them? There is no better time each year to get yourself re-aligned with the universe than the first day of January. This got us thinking – what could we do to get on track? I won’t bore you with the personal details but we did think of one great beer-themed resolution. 

While most people do Dry January – an entire month without booze to give their bodies and more importantly their livers a break after the holiday excess we can’t do that. It’s not that we couldn’t give up beer for a month – it wouldn’t be great but certainly very achievable. We simply have to drink beer (it’s a rough life but someone has to do it) to keep this blog up to date and for our other beer writing jobs.

Dry January was a no go – instead, we are going to go with No Buy January. The rules are simple we can go to breweries and have a beer or two there but we cannot bring home any beer from anywhere if it cost us. Trades are allowed if they were already set in motion and if a friend wants to give us a beer, well it would be just rude to say no.

What’s the point? 

It’s time to break into the cellar. I have been buying and buying with just a bit of drinking mixed in and it’s getting out of hand. My beer cellar (which I just expanded) is starting to overflow with delicious beer goodness. This is a fun challenge to crack open the beers I have been hoarding – so you will see a theme to the beers we are reviewing and some of the articles we are putting out this month. I am not making a statement against cellaring beers – that’s never going to end – but I am trying for this month and for the rest of this year to drink more beer in the moment.

Today is January 6th and I haven’t purchased any beers yet this month. I know there is going to be extreme amounts of Temptation – so I will just drink that beer. I will check in throughout the month and let you know how it all went down on February 1st.

Anyone want to join me?

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